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Enlargement of "Norge 1907".

I found this image online in late 2016. She looks exactly like me! I am a child of Europa! - of our Mother Europa. 

Bron - New Zealand

I have a strong connection with North Netherlands. It's a bit of a long story - but fits in well with what Anastasia says about children being born into a family who are a reincarnation of an older ancestor of that family. I have had many  snap-shots of "memories". They are on farmland in north east Netherlands c.1900-1958. I do believe I lived in Groningen in my very last life, during the war. I also feel strongly for Friesland. I think that's where I was born and grew up. I LOVE pickled herring - rollmops. I can never get enough! I'll share more stories about these past life adventures in the future. I'd love to write a book about them all. 


I am New Zealand born... Zeeland? I think my wee soul-being thought a "new" Zeeland would be a good place to be  ; )  More stories over time. I will be in Sweden - living there permanently - in the next month or two. From Bron

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Myself - Photo taken in New Zealand, August 2015. 

Hilde - Norway

I had a dream one night in early 2014. I was dreaming about Russia and a beautiful and powerful woman with long blond hair. After I woke up I felt a strong love for Russia and a desire to grow my own vegetables. I changed my life completely.


Now I live on the farm my great great grandfather once bought. Last year I got my hands on the books. I read them and I recognize my feelings from that dream four years ago. I wish to create a beautiful family life.

My farm is located in a beautiful area between fjords and mountains. 100 hectare in a low populated village. The photo opposite is of Hilde's farmland in Myrset, Norway.

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Eli - Switzerland

I started asking myself, what would - in my mind - be the best way to solve the problems humanity is struggling with today and lead us on a path towards remembering who we are and living in peace... When I thought about this, pictures of small, circular villages arranged in the form of flowers all over the planet and a mix of scattered thoughts and theories or maybe rather, feelings would tell me utopic ideas of what humanity needs. At that point I thought these are only some dumb, pretty fantasies, and since I didn't have a precise plan and couldn't put what I felt/thought into words yet, I didn't tell anyone about this. But I didn't forget these ideas either and looked online for communities that lived in a way that would resonate with my own vision - and that is what led me to the Ringing Cedars Books.

A year or so later I first started reading the books and I was amazed because those books contained a detailed description of what I had envisioned for our future. Finally - all the puzzle pieces in my mind were brought to fit together. There were so many positive feelings to gain from reading these lines...


Now, my family and I are still looking for the right place to start co-creating our own family homestead and space of love. We will find our spot and start converting that land into the paradise it is meant to be We really wish to find some like-minded neighbours to share the joy, and to help one another in becoming self sufficient, happy and free.

Bron replied: Yes Eli !! Anastasia put those images into your mind, even before you read the books! She does things like this.  Also see Hilde's story above.

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