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Please keep talking to people around you about these ideas. The following is a message I left on a video of a creator who covers political news in Sweden. If you feel a little shy about doing interviews with people you come across, I am quite happy to do interviews you can refer me to, either on my own, or with you.


We need to start talking to Citizen Journalists in countries all over the world. Please feel free to use the following as a template for when you introduce yourself to these people. Please feel absolutely free to start making contact with people around you, and connect them to myself, or other people you know in your own country who know enough on these topics to talk about it. We meet so many people randomly online. Please go ahead and do this without my permission. All we need to arrange then is a day and time to talk.


Please feel free 100% to set up appointments with video creators and print media citizen journalists, eg: bloggers. We need to start getting this information out more effectively into alternative media in Europe, and around the world. Thank you for your help.


Here's the template. Please feel free to use it and alter it in any way you want to, to suit the people you're speaking to:


Hi there,  I am interested to talk to you sometime about a website I have created (or, "which I am affiliated to") called "Anastasia Europa! Free Land Gift". You'll find a lot of interesting information on there, i'm sure.

Links lead to 3 additional blogs where i've published more information on these topics since 2012, to another 1-3 websites where i've archived information since September 2016 (those sites are being deconstructed), and to two main social media groups (just put up recently) on MeWe where conversations are starting up again.


These ideas regarding the "Free Land Gift" are well past the ideation stage. They is well on the way to becoming manifest. It has already manifest in Russia in law, "Far Hectare" Act (May 2016), and similar legislation right now is being written for Belarus. More countries will write this legislation.


The law gifts 1 hectare of arable land to every family which is ancestrally connected to that land. The land can not ever be sold. It can only be bequeathed to one of the family's descendants after you #AllodialTitle


These ideas were first made public in 1996 in Russia when river trader Vladimir Megre wrote about these things, discussing what the Siberian visionary and futurist Anastasia had told him during a 3-day visit to her. This happened on the Ob River in the Russian Federation.


In only 20 short years, Anastasia's ideas have been made manifest in Russia. This is quite astounding, don't you think?


All countries in Europe are stepping up and are beginning conversations with their governments and people of influence. I welcome your questions.


From Bronwyn 

Co-ordinator for the Motherland Project  

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