Many "Ringing Cedars" readers avoid politics like the plague. Anastasia cries out in delight: 

"Create the Motherland Party Vladimir. This is what people need to do."


By creating the Motherland Party in countries all over Europe, we are able to hugely affect the direction of our countries. It is we ourselves who need to press forward with the goal of creating the "free land gift" of 1 hectare of land per family, in all of our countries - just like the Ringing Cedars readers did in Russia.

Logos for the Russian "Motherland Party" designed by party members. We need to do the same for our countries, all over Europe. Please see the Russian Motherland Party website here > http://xn--80ah3afceo.xn--p1ai/index.php/main2/vibory.html (est. 2012)

Co-create the Motherland Party for the USA - your help needed!

Kody Tillotson - Published on Jul 11, 2013


My first video proposal of The American Motherland Party. Tell me what you think. If you would like to help in perfecting this message and getting the Party off the ground, please contact me.

Russia Far East free land!

California USA

September 1, 2018

Category: Politics

Please see articles on this blog for much more information about the Far East region's "Free Land Act" (May 2, 2016). Article:

Free land announcement first made January 19, 2015. RT

Question: Can foreigners apply for land in the Russian Far East region? 

August 31, 2018. The following is a comment I just saw on my video below, with a woman who lives in the USA. Her inquiries and comments were around the accessibility of the Russian free land to people who are not Russians. 


August 2017. Hi Bronwyn, I live in California and have been searching for a kins domain community since I read Anastasia in 2006. I think the Russian Far East Hectare program is open to foreigners - although that may be changing. I know that the government wants to increase the population in that area to 36 million over the next decade or two. I also read that groups of Anastasia families and individuals [Ringing Cedars readers] have applied together in the area south of Vladivostok on the peninsula. One settlement is 50 families, another is 100 families. I am thinking of going to Vladivostok and visiting those Anastasia communities next year. If the program IS open to foreigners, I'm thinking of applying. I too, wish to see reclaiming the land as a political movement; but it is a real uphill battle here in the U.S.. I would love to correspond with you , and thank you so much for your Youtube broadcast and your activism. From Jennie.


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