Open letters:

22 September 2018.  Hello T,  How am I? Thank you for asking.


I am much more relaxed this week. With moving so far away and with many things to organize, at first (in early August), I felt a lot of pressure in my body and my chest had little pains. I am now "going with the flow" much more, and I am finishing my tasks much more easily. Thank you for asking.

Motherland! Yes! I feel so strongly that the Earth Herself is calling me, and that this is why I met a European man who wants me to come and live with him in Sweden. It is such a blessing on my life. I am coming home! Yes - WONDERFUL !!  It is all so wonderful!


I don't think I will be moving to land quickly - I put it in my 10 year plan. First, I want to be involved in politics - to help establish the Motherland Party for Sweden! I then want to help readers in other European countries do the same. Together we are strong. .


Land in south Sweden is very expensive, Oscar says. 1 hectare might present itself to us to buy. You never know what's going to happen! 


In Sweden, I have heard they have a tradition of farmers sharing a small piece of their land with people who live in towns, so they can grow food. I would like to explore this tradition and see what the repayment is for being able to use the land. This sort of land use would be a good start, at least.

We will live in a very small apartment in Lund - in south Sweden.

It is only 10 x 4 metres in size (tiny) but it also has 10 x 2 metres of balcony and conservatory. On the 10 x 2 metres, I plan to plant a beautiful lush food garden in pots, to show people in the city how they can start to learn gardening, even before they get to their land... like Anastasia says:


"People need to know how to live on the land first, before they get there." Gardening is a part of it. Here is a photo of this balcony on one of my blogs. I will add more articles to it after I get to Sweden  


You say: "I will visit your website soon". Yes please! Visit this page - Beloved.

I'm sure some of my methods will help people. Sadly, it is long. I needed to explain everything to people - what to do, the attitude of heart, the images you need to create in your own mind as you write, and of course, the example from my own life that this method works!

People can put the whole article through Google Translate. It might be easier to read in your own mother tongue. If anyone wants me to publish their "gratitude list" on my website, I will be very happy to do so. You can make your list in your own mother language also if you want to - in both languages. I am happy to do that 


Much love,


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