Contact list request form

Add me to the Contact List for my country (Europe only). I would like to meet with others once a month to talk about the "Ringing Cedars" books and Anastasia's ideas. All information is private. Personal information will not be sold or used in any way, other than stated below.

Permission:  I give the Motherland Project permission to add the information I supply to contact lists seen only by Bronwyn (Motherland Project) and "monthly meeting" organisers for my country. The purpose is purely for networking. My personal information will not be sold to merchandisers, including the Megre family business nor any other business. 

Your information will only be used by regional organisers for the purpose of making contact with you. The Motherland Project website supports all countries and regions in Europe and the UK and Ireland. The aim is to have regular monthly  meetings in all regions by the end of 2019. 
We visualise that various countries will run bigger more ambitious activities in the future such as a week-long summer camp and 2-day reader's conferences, two or three times a year. This keeps people in touch with each other - for creating friendships, for sharing ideas, for skills-sharing, for information sharing, for planning strategies that will work in the political sense.
Please indicate your level of interest to participate in, or to organise activities. Your participation and interest level will probably depend on family and work commitments, your general health, age, ability to travel, and so on. There is no judgement if you want to have low-level participation. People who seek to have high-level participation will become regional and city organisers for activities and meetings.

Regional and city organisers will be able to co-ordinate with each other for any nation-wide events such as conferences, music festivals, summer camps, and so on. Adding your interest level quickly helps us identify who our leaders might be. People who request to be added to the list for their country will be contacted by regional co-ordinators in due course.

  • 1-3 is low level occasional participation. 

  • 4-6 is active participation. 

  • 7-8 is very active participation including organising some meetings, events, fun and family days. 

  • 9-10 is a desire to organise or co-organise for your region, province or country. 


It is the desire of the Motherland Project to run or facilitate an annual or bi-annual conference for the whole of Europe. The whole event will be in English language. This will be most effective and fulfill its intended purpose when readers within their own countries have joined together, are networking, and can send very good level English-speaking delegates to the conference who will report back to their own people, in their own language. More about this soon...

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