About Bronwyn: Steps to becoming a blogger, news hawk & website creator.

Since 2011 I have been very active online educating myself and others about the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I follow world affairs that have a relationship to Anastasia's words in the books. Anastasia talks about the "dark forces", the "priesthood" and the "technocracy". Humanity is tearing down all of these ancient control mechanisms and their modern day manifestations. We are finding a new way of co-creating an amazing life here together on our beautiful blue-green planet. This is: Co-creating Our New Earth.

In 2016, Russia passed laws that gift 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land for FREE to Russian families. Find out about this Russian story here: Humanity! Take back your land! ... I saw the potential for every country in the world to pass these same laws. My next blog: Take back your Motherland shows developments in the rest of the world. 

There is an international political party standing in the wings waiting to be developed - The Motherland Party. Russia is the model; We follow. This in total is the "Take back your Motherland" project. Here are the steps to engaging with this project:

(1) Learn about what Russia did
(2) Look at what other countries are doing
(3) Tell other people about it
(4) Gather together with others and start the same initiatives in your own country
(5) Tell me so I can add your information and stories to this website, and keep in touch with your progress. 

See The Motherland Project website. I have decided to deconstruct the Motherland Project website and re-make it, with a European focus. Rather than trying to give attention to the whole world, I have decided to give efforts to my own "back yard". In early December 2018, I immigrated to Sweden permanently to live here with my partner of nine years. He is a native Swede - well probably of Danish descent actually since most of his family (ancestors) come from Skåne. He is a somewhat typical 2 metre tall Swede with blonde hair and blue eyes - a true son of Odin. You will like him. He's a very nice man.  I met my beloved in New Zealand in 2009, through a series of "accidents". ie: I believe our meeting was very much pre-planned by Universal Consciousness, "Creator". I read the Ringing Cedars books one year after I met my beloved... and now, here I am. Immigrating to Europe/Scandinavia is the very reason I decided to build this website - "Anastasia Europa". I hope it helps many tens of thousands of people throughout Europe with our common vision, and millions of people throughout the world to take action:


"We have come here at this time to reclaim, and to take back our Motherlands" 



Studious. Investigative. Tenacious, Inquiring.


These are all words that well describe myself. I am the only one I have seen anywhere in the world who has been consistently unpacking this information from Russian websites. I run a lot of material through Google Translate to create my blog articles on "Humanity! Take back your land!" which are based on the raw Russian information and such primary source material. 

Years of research and cross-pollination with other movements.

Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu Party, SA: "Money is the very means by which we are kept in slavery." The antidote to this globalist money system is: "Free up the land that 'The Crown' (monarchs, elites, war lords) stole from the people, and give it back!" - that's my own quote. Michael's words above echo very well the teaching of Anastasia, "Take back your Motherland!"


Fairy tale or political movement?

Anastasia meets us exactly where we are right now. Nobody is forcing anyone else to do anything. Each of us is being led authentically, in the perfect way at the perfect time. Follow your own heart. For my part, for the role I have to play and the purpose of this website...??  This is my MO (modus operandi):


We need to push forward and demand of our governments a FREE LAND GIFT of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) for every family which is ancestrally, emotionally and spiritually tied to that land. Please consider Anastasia's words for one moment -


"Take back your motherland".

This is the heart of the matter...



That is: Take back "your Motherland" ... Do you hear Anastasia's words yet?  "YOUR Motherland" - not somebody else's. For my opinion, I believe that a new-comer has no claim whatsoever to a land they have newly immigrated to. This includes me! I have no claim whatsoever to any land in Scandinavia or Europe. I fully accept this. This land belongs to my beloved and his blood kin. I am very happy as a new immigrant to Sweden to fully accept that. With all my heart, I openly accept Moder Svea as my Mother, but I can never fully know her in the way that a child of her multi-generations can. I fully accept this. Rightfully and correctly, my own Motherland is a one-hour drive south and west of London and in the ancient isles of Caledonia. All of those lands were usurped by successive kings and corporations. These are the lands where my peasant and farming ancestors walked. Those are my true Motherlands. My ancestors were driven off their lands - unlike Anastasia's ancestors who have remained on their land for thousands of years! Think on it. One day, I might be able to reclaim those lands in Britain that were ancestrally torn from me... This is another chapter in the story.


If you are a new immigrant, please be mindful that you are living on someone else's ancestral land. That land is not yours to freely have returned to you. How can you have any claim to it? Your ancestors never walked there... You are not deeply connected to that land, as the natives are. You don't know the stories of that land, you don't know her histories, her songs, her epic tales. All of this is "Motherland". Where is your Motherland? This is a deeply fundamental question.

Please think on these things for one moment (as Anastasia tells us to do). Think of Anastasia's words from the perspective of a Russian, where there is no mass invasion of an asylum seeking "army" who has come to disrupt civic life and drain the resources of the native population - the tax payers, whereby only the globalist bankers are the winners. Ref: the "Kalergi Plan", link below.

Anti-globalism. Pro-tribal spirit.

As you can see, my position is very "anti-globalism". Even though Anastasia speaks with great softness and kindness towards all people, her ideas are fundamentally as these few paragraphs above say. The globalist agenda since 1922 is to mix up all European racial groups by "watering down" our bloodlines, our tribal affiliations aka "nationalities". It's a true thing. Please see my blog article for more on the Codenhove-Kalergi agenda for Europe. The intention was to make Europeans less identified to their lands and ancestral lineage and therefore, more "governable" (compliant). The globalist's plan since 1922 was borne out in post-WW2 NATO, the EU economic union and later on by the unelected EU parliament ruling from Brussels Belgium which dictates to all European nations what they must do. Incidentally, Belgium in its creation is a fiction. There were never any "Belgians" ancestrally - only Walloons and the Flemish tribes of the Western Lowlands of Europe. Belgium in and of itself, is a fiction - a political hatchling. How deep the lies go. Look at how insidious the plans of The Priesthood are - right to their root. 


NATO and the CIA ruling from Switzerland #SwissPharaohs #Bloodline via the USA unelected administrators hiding inside the halls of power in the USA then created 28 years of war in the Middle East - ever since "Operation Desert Storm" in February 1991. Do you remember it? I do. I am old enough to know the horror in my chest of America launching an all-out assault on the small nation of Kuwait - a war over the control of oil that the Bush family wanted to get their blood-stained fingers into! That short "war" was a horror against Earth, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and against humanity... so long ago and now hiding behind a back-drop of so many other horrors perpetrated by the "deep state" unelected officers of this New World Agenda, (eg: George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jean-Claude Juncker, Alan Greenspan, among thousands of other people), that most of us forget Desert Storm's significance. According to ex-banker and Dutchman Ronald Bernard, there are 6000 people at the top of the financial pyramid that rules the world's economies. The control is dynastic. 


Slowly, slowly the horrors have been rolled out #KalergiPlan that most of us never realise that the horrors being perpetuated in wars, the resulting mass immigration and "terror attacks", are all parts of one great plan - and that the plan was laid out in 1922. It is insidious. These people are sick.


This is how slowly unfolding these plans are, so we would never notice it... And then in August 2015 German Chancellor Angela Merket (a NWO bought and paid for puppet) opened up the floodgates of Europe and allowed anyone to enter - unvetted. Europe has no idea who these people are who have entered. They are undocumented and hiding. This  "fifth column" is hiding within. These are indeed perilous times in Europe. That column (at the philosophical core of it) is no friend to Europe or Europeans. That is why we need to remain tenacious and alert... and uncompromising. This is why the free land gift in Europe needs to offered to people ONLY with an ancestral lineage and connection to the lands on which they stand. On this point, we must never compromise. Otherwise, Christian kind-heartedness will simply lead to chaos and mayhem. We need to be vigilant, and not be walked all over as fools. Our children and grandchildren after us need us to take this stance. Let's not be weak about it. We live in perilous times politically speaking. We need to be open-eyed. We need to be strong.


Please see my articles about the Codenhove-Kalergi Plan (1922) to see how the Priesthood thought they could shape social anthropology, so they could keep control.


What tribe? Am I really part of a tribe?

For more on the "tribalist" position and the benefits it brings, please see this interview with Stephen A. McNallen about Asatru entitled "A native European spirituality". Stephen lives in America and is happy to call the New World his "motherland". His family before him have lived in North America for many generations. Stephen identifies within his culture, as belonging in the Americas. As Anastasia says: 


"Most people living on this planet today have no motherland at all." (p. 161) This is the globalist agenda - to tear people from their ancestral homelands. Therefore, it is newcomers to a country who I address above, and following: 


Have you gone to live in a country that is not your motherland? Where is the land of your ancestors? Go there... This is very likely the place where you will find the most peace in your heart. 


Anastasia herself tells us this in the Ringing Cedars books: "Go to the place where in your heart, you know you and your descendants will be the most happy." That is her only criteria: "Follow your heart". You can buy land there in that place, but please, please... Don't expect a free land gift as your right under Motherland Party policies. You are likely to be disappointed. 


Shifting the paradigm

Together, we are changing the world. Together, we are tearing down conventional ways of thinking. We are shifting the paradigm. This is where the change starts - in people's hearts and minds... in YOUR heart and mind. While people (you) are still holding onto the old paradigms of humanity's former ways of thinking, we are collectively left with what we have always had - debt servitude and self-subjugation to a few. It doesn't have to be that any longer.

Following is a very poorly made video. I'm not good at video-making. I'm much better at producing text - print media. Please forgive my errors and stumbling. At "sixth form science" please think "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest". The words wouldn't come to me. Please take the best and leave the rest. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy background into who I am and something about the way I view "Motherland". There is much in the paragraphs above that need further collective thought, research and debate added to them.


Many thanks for your time and willingness to ponder these ideas. Much love to you and your descendants after you.

From Bronwyn aka "BronnyNZ"

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