Your beloved

Is your heart drawing you to your beloved, but you don't know how to find them? I know a young man like that... Let me tell you a little about his story. 

This man lived in Europe. In 2007 an old school friend invited him to a country on the far side of the world, where the friend now worked. The young man said "Yes..." This would be an adventure... and something within his heart told him he would find love in this country, so far away. Not quite a year went by, then he was called to return home again, because of the passing of one of his grandparents.


Still, the need and the yearning remained. He still knew in his heart of hearts and without logic that he had to return to that far-away country... Somewhere in that place was the love of his life that he had not yet met. 


Funds were running low... But the advice of reason didn't quench the fire that burned inside his chest.  He knew he had to return...

There were many trials that greeted him on the second part of his adventure. The months were going by... It appeared he had been wrong all along. Why had he traveled such a long distance on this fool's errand? He had nothing to show for his efforts.


Energy now spent and money gone... many nights weeping silently into his pillow because of the foolishness of his heart, and he now so far away from home and things familiar that he was like a small boat tossed at sea, with no safe harbour in which to find rest.

Now let me tell you the story that Anastasia told to Vladimir Megre when he visited her in her Siberian glade in 1995...

Anastasia's story...

In the old days Vladimir, she started, and even in some countries today, the young girls who were old enough to find their beloved - their "forever" partner - would gather together on this one special evening of the year.


They would gather flowers and some things that were special to them that would suggest something about their personality or their identity. They would put all of these things in sweet decorations on a little boat. They would light a candle and add a small note among the wreath-work with their name on it and which village they lived in.

The young girls would go down to the river and set their small boats to float... They would offer a prayer of blessing on their little craft and a prayer of blessing for the young man who would pluck their boat from the water, further down stream...

The next day, then the next day after that... a full week would go by. The young women were expectantly waiting for their beloved to arrive at their door - the Man who  Universal Energies and Life Force had sent their little boat to, the one who had plucked the boat up out of the water.

The young women dressed demurely during those days while they waited. They didn't want the man who was chosen for her by Universal Energies to think she was a loose woman, or coarse, dirty or had a foul mouth. So they washed and tidily dressed, and went about their business with going to school or work, or continuing with chores around the house...

And then the day came... The knock at the door. The voice of a young stranger, a young man, making inquiry if a young woman of such-as-such a name might live at this house. He had arrived. What would happen next?

My challenge

The challenge for me now, as developer of this website is to find an on-line way of replicating the experience of what Anastasia describes in her story...

I have already thought of how to do it... I thought of it months ago. Perhaps it was Anastasia's thought that she transmitted to me? I would like to think so.


Please continue reading below and you will see how the process I am about to describe is almost as far away from being a "dating page" as you can get. The process I am about to describe "allows the Universe to bring you your beloved", just as Anastasia describes in her story 

I hope you enjoy the process,

Love from Bron

So whatever happened to the young man in our story? His heart led him true...  To a woman in another city where though various circumstances he was forced to go and live. Universal Energies were conspiring with him. She was calling the love of her life to her door. How did she do this? What kind of "magic"?  More below... 


The moral of the story is: "Follow your heart"

The following message I feel, is particularly directed to our young Men - If you feel you are making some strange decisions because of the call of Love within your chest, and even if your family and friends are shaking their heads in disbelief at your nonsensical actions, stay your course and GO !! You may very well find your beloved in that place.


Universal Energies are speaking to you. Don't doubt that for one moment. Your beloved is drawing you to themselves, from far across the waters. They wait for your arrival. 

How do I call my beloved to me?

Here is the process. Both men and women, please do the following...

Find a tranquil space where you will be able to sit, for up to two hours. This might seem extreme but the time will fly by. This could be a place within your own home, or you might choose to do this part of the process out in nature. Please make sure that it's somewhere that you won't get interrupted.

Come into your heart... Feel your heart beating inside your chest. Know that your beloved right in this moment of time, is ready and waiting for you to arrive...

Come with an attitude of gratitude for them, in this present moment of time... You are so grateful for all of the beautiful qualities inside and outside that your beloved already has. You are grateful for all the beauty, talents, gifts and strengths that they will develop as a result of you both being together...

Bring a sense of valuing yourself to the process. Be grateful and humbled by who you are and what you need for happiness in this life. Ask yourself: "What do I need from my beloved? How are they going to satisfy my soul's needs? How will they satisfy the practical needs of "life"? What do I need from my partner? Who am I, truly and very honestly? What do I need?"

Note: The day I did this process in January 2009, I noticed that this is the part I had been missing for many long years... to value myself. In previous visualizations, I had always looked outside myself to who they were, what they had, or what they could offer me. That is: They were the subject of my visualized observations, and I was the object - passive and receiving. I was now making myself the subject.


I now turned the whole thing around. Who am I? What do I need? How are they going to meet my soul's needs? What were the things that I really needed from my partner? I made myself the subject.


"Was this selfish?" I asked myself. I felt, "No". There  needed to be authenticity and full transparency. I was no longer going to hide behind a mask of who I wanted to project. I needed to bring "all of me". So I made myself the central figure in my visualizations. My beloved needed to fit for who I authentically am... otherwise, the relationship wouldn't work if I was trying to project out to him across the passage of space and time, those things that I am not.

We are all frail, fragile beings, no matter how much we try to portray poise, strength or a gregarious nature to the outside world. So is it not better, as we sit in our bedroom or on the grass of a lonely field, to be very honest and say: "I am weak in these ways... Here are the things that my partner will need to be patient with, or forgive in me, because I am not super-woman or super-man... I am not a Barbie doll. I am not plastic. All I have to offer is "me" ... All of me. And that means the good with the bad. This is all I can do. This is an honest relationship.


"I am not perfectly formed... I have a big nose, or big feet, I grow a lot of body hair, I have scarring on my body or I have fat thighs... parts of my body are mis-proportioned or strangely colored, I am balding fast, or I speak with a stutter. I am filled with imperfections. But my beloved - my true beloved - will find perfection in me, because they are my beloved."


"They don't overlook my imperfections, but they choose to love me anyway. Such a human being in my life who has the ability to choose me in my imperfection makes me love them even more."

This is how I drew my beloved to me:

By being very honest... By being filled with gratitude for them... By visualizing them being with me here, right now - not in the never-never.


This is a very important part of visualization - You don't put your visualization all the way out there into your future. You bring your beloved right into your heart-space, and visualize them with you, right now. Present tense visualization is very important. This draws your beloved to you very quickly! For me, it happened in nine months. I called for my beloved, and then he was there. It was a miracle. He traveled 17,000 kms to find me. It was a miracle!


On that day that I wrote my "gratitude list" for my beloved, I opened up my heart and allowed the miracle to happen. Are you ready? You will feel if you are ready or not. It's a very big commitment to bring somebody else into your life. The fantasy of "being in love" with somebody is very different to the realities of actually being with them.


If you are not ready, please be very honest with yourself. Perhaps you still need to date people, to experiment or dalliance with other people a little more... And if this is you, that's fine. No judgement. Just be very honest with yourself that you are not actually ready right at this moment to find your beloved.

This process is for people who are ready! And there is no judgement whatsoever if you are not. Just be honest. Thank you.

Let's begin...

What are these "magic" words one needs to speak out to Universal Consciousness?

By way of example, I am going to write out some of the statements I wrote in my "Gratitude Journal" which I feel were directly responsible for drawing my beloved to me. I hope these become a helpful guide for the style and attitude that I talk about above.

Firstly, find for yourself a special notebook or diary, preferably with a hard cover and good binding. This becomes your "Gratitude Journal". You can write many other notes of gratitude in this journal over time... but in it, your visualizations of your beloved will always be kept and treasured.


Important: When you have finished writing your state-ments about your beloved, put your journal on a shelf or in a drawer, and forget about it. The Universe needs time to conspire for you. Please don't interrupt the 'thought' of Universal Consciouness who is working on your behalf, by constantly going back to your journal and day-dreaming. This is no good at all. Your attitude needs to be: "I have written what I need to, and it is being done." (present tense)

This is another very important part of the process - Don't poke at what you have written with your mind. Just let it go. Be assured, things are happening through space and time so that you will meet your beloved. Just follow your heart if you have urging to be "here" or "there". You never know, they might just turn up!

Go to "January 2009 - Man"
for some examples.


It is now time for you to go ahead, take the time, sit and contemplate, and figure out who you are and what qualities, interests and demeanor you need in your beloved. You are important. So please don't be shy to reach out and tell Universal Consciousness exactly who you need for sanity of life and ongoing happiness.

In my case, it was for somebody very calm and calming, and very reassuring. These are very important require-ments for me. 

Reach in and find inside yourself who you need. Your heart knows. Just write the words as they bubble up inside you: "I am grateful for this man/woman who has come into my life..."  Start there, then let it flow.

January 2009 - Man

I am so grateful to have met this kind, cheerful, caring man.

I am so grateful that he is happy to have a friendship with me. I am glad that he wants to get to know me.

I am grateful that he is relaxed, undemanding, flexible and yet has focus, intention and order in his personality. 

I am grateful that he is warm, enjoys hugs, and is happy to forget time when we are together. I am glad that he sincerely enjoys the things of nature. 

I am glad that he encourages me with physical activity, but is not pushy. I'm glad that he likes taking me away on trips. I'm glad that he's financially secure, but has no need to "buy" me. 

He is a friend.

I am glad that this man is not pretentious - he has no need to be flashy or showy. He is quite naturally happy within his skin.


I am grateful that he understands my life and that he is drawn to me - partly because he does not want me to be alone.


I am glad he enjoys 'artistic' things - that I can enjoy growing flowers with him, drink wine [this is my honest preference]  and listen to music. I am glad he likes seeing me in my old gardening clothes. 


I am grateful that he is happy to be a "rock" for me - that he can be my strong place. I am very grateful that he cares for me deeply, and that he cares about how life is for me.

I am grateful that he is someone who doesn't have to "fix" everything, that he understands that sometimes, I just need a hand to hold.

I am grateful that I can talk about anything with him. I'm glad that he has a good mind and that he also has an interest in religion and philosophy. 

I am grateful that he enjoys taking photographs, as I do also. 

I am glad that he does not find my body repulsive [I often carry extra weight]. I am glad that he can love me regardless of my imperfect shell. 

I am grateful for his sensitive heart, the kindness in his eyes, and the honesty of his lips.

I am very glad that he loves me.

I have finished my gratitude list. What do I do now?

You have two choices:

(1) Do as I did in 2009 and put your Gratitude Journal on your shelf and forget about it

(2) Type up your list and send a copy of it to me in "Contact". You will need to send me the following:

a)  First and last name

b)  Confirm that you are a man seeking a woman, or that you are a woman seeking a man

c)  Included will be your email address

d)  Whether you want to have children with your new partner, or not

e)  Your geographical location - country you live in.

If you choose (2), here is what will happen next...

a)  I will publish your gratitude list in full on this website

b)  I will publish your first name only with the first letter of your surname

c)  I will not publish your geographical location 

d)  I will not publish your age - I won't know it

e)  I will publish whether you want to have children or not with this new partner

f)  I will not publish a photo of you - I won't have one

In symbolic terms, by doing either of the above, (1) or (2) you have metaphorically just sent your little boat down the river, ref: "Anastasia's story". You now wait to see who will pluck your "boat", your intentional request  out of the water.

As readers come to this website and read each other's gratitude lists, there will be good feelings of "knowing" as they read what is written by your own hand. Your list can be in another language - not in English.

To be eligible to make contact with any of the people who have published their gratitude list, you also need to have submitted your gratitude list to me for publication. Your intentions and heart's desires also need to be available for potential partners to see.

On your list, please don't tell us anything about yourself - Please just observe the protocols of the Gratitude Journal. Tell us how your beloved is going to meet your needs and support you in life.


When somebody is interested in a gratitude list and feels a good vibration from it, they will write to me and tell me the name. I will write to that person and give them your name, and a link to your gratitude list. If they want to meet you, if they feel the same vibration from your list, you need to send me a 'donation' of between 5-10 Euros. That is because a certain amount of administration needs to be done to bring you together. The donation can be made via PayPal. See: "Support BronnyNZ through PayPal" on my main blog


You are welcome to use your native language if you don't speak English - I will interpret by using Google Translate.

After payment is made, I will once again contact the man or woman you are interested to meet and help you both find a suitable meeting place - through local knowledge and looking at Google Maps, etc. You won't have direct contact with each other until the day of the meeting. I will send you both each other's mobile phone numbers on the morning of the meeting. This keeps contact to a minimum which I think is ideal. In Anastasia's explanation, the couple don't see each other by other means such as photographs. It is to be a surprise! 


I would strongly suggest that the man is the one who travels to meet his beloved, except under difficult circumstances, eg: disability. This first meeting needs to be in a public place during daylight hours.

My disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the character of any people who I arrange for you to meet. Therefore, normal safeguards must always be observed by you, yourself. 


All of this means that you will see your beloved for the first time when you meet them. Your anticipations will be high and your expectations may not be met - but in good form, you will get to know this man or woman who has drawn you towards them, who has called to you through their heart. We will trust the process...

This is the way I can make your experience as close to  "Anastasia's story" as possible. Very imperfect, but quite close.

Who could you meet when you use these methods?

My beloved and I are a most unlikely couple,

and absolutely perfect for each other...

I had been traumatized when I left my marriage in 1985 and I had never coupled with anyone since. I'd had "boyfriends", but I always ended up pushing them away. I didn't want any part of "being owned", as my husband had possessed me and had been violent.

In October of 2009, nine months after i'd written my "gratitude list" (which nobody knew about btw), an older lady I know invited me back to my old Scrabble club (which is a word game). She said, "Do come along - we have some nice new members now." So I did go back.

I was surprised that the "nice new members" were three rather young men who were in their mid-20s to 30s age group. Most of us in my Scrabble club were around 50-60 age group. I was one of the youngest at age 49 years.

One of these young men really took my eye... but clearly, he was far too young for me. Over then next 10 weeks or so, I got to know this group of young men, including the silent, fair-haired man from Sweden. Neither did I know in October-December 2009 that the friendship we were forming was going to be a lasting relationship.

Let me explain a little more...

The young man who was to become the love of my life was likewise tortured. For various reasons, he had almost completely isolated himself and was living under a most terrible self-deprecation. Ability to express himself was difficult... There were many long pauses during conversations. It was difficult.

Note: His English is excellent.

I wanted to get to the heart of the matter. Something had gone terribly wrong for this attractive, polite young soul. I thought I might be able to help him get through his trials.


Circumstances came around and after three months of developing a friendship, we decided to live together. I could see in my friend a very nice companion for a few months, until his visa expired for his New Zealand adventure. I never truly expected anything lasting.

After i'd known him for around 6 months (in around March 2010), I remembered my Gratitude Journal and dug it out from my bottom drawer. I re-read it... "Oh my gosh!" I realized. He fit for 90% of the things I wrote back in January 2009. The most profound thing I saw in my darling was the ability to "do no harm". There was not an evil thought or action in him - the absolute opposite of my ex-husband. I felt absolutely safe with him... this was huge!

He is artistic, he takes photos, we sipped on wine while I watered my tomato plants... He loves nature, he is quiet, completely undemanding, not controlling, sensitive, kind...

You ask: "Who is my beloved going to be?" - Possibly somebody you did not expect. Your beloved might be the most unexpected human being in appearances that you could ever imagine, and they will touch your heart in unfathomable ways.


They are not going to be perfect, and they will likely bring with them some personal woes... But please be patient and give the friendship a chance. If you are coming to each other from the heart, a miracle may happen for you also.

I hope it does!

They will not be "perfect", but they will be perfect for you.

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