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August 2018


Thank you for visiting my website. Like many people who will be coming here, I am a Ringing Cedars of Russia reader. I read the first books of the series at the end of 2010. I am a New Zealander by birth but a Celtic, North West European, Scandinavian, Indian, Frank (French) by ancestry.


At the beginning of 2010, I met my beloved here in New Zealand. He is Sweden-born of Scandinavian, Walloon and East Baltic (Russian?) ancestry. It has been a very long process of decision-making and application (since 2015), but I am now immigrating to Sweden in December 2018. It was confirmed at the end of July! The Universal Energies have conspired with me, even though I have now reached a noble 57 years. I am returning to the lands of my ancestors!

You have no idea how happy this makes me feel !!


In my excitement of returning to European lands, I wanted to do something for Anastasia and for my not yet met brothers and sisters of Mother Europa. I was drawn to create this website for us all, even in the midst of me organizing to leave New Zealand. This website has at its heart and core an almost singular catch-cry:


This is why we are here... This is why I am here... This is why we have been born at such a pivotal time in history!  - To join our thoughts and visualisations with the Siberian recluse Anastasia, to take action #Co-creation as one body and voice, and to have the land released. We seek for the Free Land gift of 1 hectare for every family to become a reality, passed in law right across every country in the whole wide world. We seek no less!

It has begun already - in Russia in January 2015. The  Russian law for the "Far Hectare" Act was passed on May 2, 2016. Belarus now follows... Their law is being tweaked right at this moment and will soon be signed.

The bright energies that Anastasia is directing right around the world begins in Russia, draws west into Eastern Europe, is drawn across the Baltic into Scandinavia, and then heads West into all of western and southern Europe, the British Isles and all the way to Iceland! This is how the dream will unfold...

It is up to us all to help Anastasia in the manifestation of this dream! Already, we see so many dynamic changes going on in the world. Is Anastasia's thought behind so many of these changes? I would not be surprised in the least if it is!

NOW is the time for us to spring into ACTION. We need to possess the moments as they present themselves, in all of our countries. We are a collective. We need to  share ideas, tactics and strategies that we can all use in the great meta-political battle that lies up ahead!

Please tell us what your country is doing - not just to inform us, but primarily, so we can follow each other's lead as we move ahead together. Together we are strong! The dream becomes reality! Now!  Seize the day!  Carpe diem! 


NOW is the time!  Come with me !!  Declare:


We make it be so!  It's up to us. Nobody is going to hand us our inheritance on a plate. It's up to us... We need to take it back!

All the best to you and your families... Good strength,

from Bronwyn

Steps to becoming a blogger, news hawk & website creator.

Since 2011 I have been very active online educating myself and others about the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I follow world affairs that have a relationship to Anastasia's words in the books. Anastasia talks about the "dark forces", the "priesthood" and the "technocracy". Humanity is tearing down all of these ancient control mechanisms and their modern day manifestations. We are finding a new way of co-creating an amazing life here together on our beautiful blue-green planet.

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Buy your books here. I personally recommend the black covered books in English - "Revised Edition".


 - by Ron Van Dyke

paradoxman316  Published on Sep 27, 2016

The Ringing Cedars series of nine books reveals an amazing story of a remarkable woman named Anastasia. Ron Van Dyke has read the entire series and will be sharing some of the many insights and revelations given to the world by Anastasia through Siberian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre author of the series. Anastasia shared with him her unique outlook on a vast range of subjects as diverse as happiness, co-creation, spirituality, sexuality, child-rearing, healing, gardening, nature and environmental issues, planetary change and much more. 

Canadian Academy of Mindfulness

Published on May 17, 2013

NEW EARTH DESTINY - An Anastasia Inspired Grassroots Documentary Film by Mikael King & Igor Revenko.  


As Ocean Waters continue to rise, Natural Resources continue to dry up, GMO Seed Issues continue to distract, and the Technocratic Ego-mind based world continues to crumble; millions of awakening humans are now co-creating EMPOWERED SPACES OF LOVE as the sole answer to the world's problems.


Be Inspired by the Ringing Cedar Eco-Village Movement started in Russia and now expanding into all countries throughout the Globe. Journey into the heart of Russia where they discover ancestral land Kin Domains, Siberia Ringing Cedar Trees, Ancient Black Sea Dolmen Pyramids, and culminate the incredible journey with a week long immersion into the Awe-inspiring Lyceum Children's School at Tekos.  

New Earth Destiny

An Anastasia-inspired documentary film

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