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Readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books are so inspired by the words of Anastasia as recorded by entrepreneur Vladimir Megre that they now take action in daily life to bring about her dream - for the creation of a pristine garden paradise all over the world.

People are taking action according to their means and their abilities. People are moving back to the land, they are developing their 1 hectare as Anastasia tells us to do, people are talking to politicians, forming the Motherland Party, learning to grow food, learning to build houses, setting up schools, reading, educating themselves... We are writing, meeting, and slowly, we are bringing Anastasia's dream into being. Together we do it. That's the only way.


Anastasia teaches us to undertake these tasks together. She calls this "Co-creation"


Learn to grow your own food. Experiment with growing carrots in milk cartons. Here is my first experiment with them. I will get even better results next time. Come with me on this adventure of having great success in our small space and balcony gardens.    

Background reading. Some 

suggested articles:

Anastasia says, 

Take back your motherland

Rodovoe pomestie -

What is a kin's domain?

Who are you? Your connection to your ancestral land.

Motherland Party policy. 

"Pumpa" - Third level up in Skåne Sweden, July 2019.  2m x 10m balcony garden. It's now a forest!  #BalconyGardening

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ATTENTION to all Ringing Cedars of Russia books readers:  PUBLICITY DRIVE 
To all readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books, it's time we began speaking to citizen journalists all over the world and get this message into their hands - that legislation has been written in Russia, and now Belarus, for 1 hectare of land to be gifted to every family that is ancestrally connected to that land. Can you help me please?   
Click here to see an example of how I introduced myself to a YouTube video creator. We all have contacts and are constantly meeting different people online. Please let people know what is happening. I am more than happy to be interviewed by you and your contacts. We need to tell the world about these amazing events!
Thank you, from Bronwyn
Co-ordinator for the Motherland Project
October 31, 2018
Updated March 15, 2019
"Healthy Settlement" Krasnodar: 2018. They did not wait for state support and created a settlement.

"Healthy settlement" movie for sensible 2018. They did not wait for state support. The people just went on ahead and created a settlement. See "Settlement Healthy" website. Krasnodar, Russian Federation.


To see English subtitles go to Settings cog on the video, select Annotations "On", click Subtitles/CC (1) Russian (auto-generated) > click on Auto-translate and choose your language. It gives broken English, but at least we have some idea of what the speakers are saying.

Anastasia-inspired "rodovoe pomestie" generational
family villages in Russia, 20 years on...

Please see the song with lyrics in English, Russian and Cyrillic script here > 

News items needed...
News and information needed. What is going  on in your country? Articles relating to the people reclaiming our Motherlands are of most interest. Politics, ecology, events, or strategy and development meetings. Please send your information and links on the Contact form. Thank you so much, Bronwyn

Ringing Cedars of Russia books are published in 19 languages currently.

Book 1 "Anastasia" in Polish

BEST English version. Books available here > I recommend black cover "Revised Edition" (2008)  Woodsworth (trans),  with Leonid Sharashkin (ed).

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Difficulties and challenges on the land - Alosha Lynov

Russian Federation

August 14, 2018

Category: Stories

Alosha explains some of the challenges he is having after moving out from a 4 bedroom house to a tent on the land. He says, "It's quite a shock to my system on all levels."  We pray for you Alosha.

Russia Far East free land!

Here is the website where Russian nationals are invited to apply for 1 hectare of land. 


We are taking back our Motherlands!

The "Take back your Motherland" project is committed to helping you find people in your own country who are readers of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books. This website includes a worldwide directory - see Networks in the menu. The aim of this project is (a) to help people connect with each other locally, (b) to inspire people to start initiatives that will lead to the co-creation of kin's domains in your country, and to (c) support you in forming your political party in your country "The Motherland Party".


Wherever you are in the world, from the Amazon to Zanzibar, please contact me with your website and Facebook group addresses. I'd love to show the world what you are doing. If there's nothing moving yet in your country, I want to help you get something started.


Following are some suggestions for how to get started:

  • Talk with a friend about starting a local meeting

  • Establish a local Facebook group

  • Start up a "Wednesday Cafe" (once a month)

  • Hold an Event

  • Write funding proposals

  • Write your village declaration of intent

  • Find sponsors to help you buy your land

  • Find land

  • Deal with council bureaucrats

  • Move onto your land

  • Begin your plantings

  • Decide on your businesses

  • Welcome new potential neighbours for your village

  • Start a school

  • Open a fruit and vege co-operative and store

  • Sell arts and crafts through an online store

  • Make videos and start recording music  

Family Homesteads – Perfection
of the Dwelling Land on Earth

Published June 25, 2017 by  vmegrecom. 

The competition referred to in this video ended on July 7, 2017


DISGUSTING !!! There Was Meddling In The Swedish Election. Swedes wake up. Swedes speak out. Don't let this rest.

Red Ice TV - Published on Sep 10, 2018

Breakdown of the suspicious details and meddling surrounding the Swedish election. 

See Henrik's breakdown in News >

"After Sweden's Election." SD's had 27% then the Swedish election authority website was taken offline. It came back on with 17% SD !!

Way of the World - Published on Sep 12, 2018

WotW contemplates another harsh lesson in democracy for nationalists.


Shocking! From 2:33 on. Did the Swedish electoral authority actually tamper with the Sweden Democrat results? - because it sure looks like it !!

"Take back your Motherland, people!"


In the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books, Siberian recluse Anastasia comes up with a plan for humanity that restores humanity to its "pristine origins" as "Living Man" upon the land. In Chapter 24 of Book 4, "Co-creation", Anastasia strikes upon a solution. She says: We need to tell everyone, Vladimir - 

"Take back your Motherland people!"


This is Anastasia's solution for the whole world - a plan not only for Man, but for every living creature, all the animals, insects, micro-organisms, and for our forests, our air, our seas, lakes and rivers. It is a whole plan - one that will forever change the fortunes of this entire planet and every-thing on it. The design is for every family to reclaim 1 hectare of their Motherland in countries all over the world, and create there a "space of love" for themselves and their families  - their kin's domain.

Anastasia also recommends for people to create a political party for their own countries: 


"The Motherland Party"

Join VKontakte: "VK"

"Bards will show the way" - Anastasia

And then Silence and Peace will take you into their arms
Then useless little things suddenly dissolve into a huge Love
And the heart is so big that there is enough space in it for the World
Then you will understand why you live, all will understand

... and I will understand too

When the sun teaches you to give light and heat indiscriminately for everyone
You will learn the secret of Creation and your child will fill with joyful laughter
If it's okay in the rain and do not need to turn your life into a mess
You will understand how wonderful the mystery is.

The world will understand and everything will

... and I will understand too

by Nikita Tsekhanovich 

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Image: Dancer and fitness instructor Lidija Mitrojevic  lives in Serbia. She gives kind permission to use her image on this website. She embodies the spirit of Anastasia. Thank you dearest Lidija  


Did you see this on the V.Megre website? New resource - International social network "Ringing Cedars" - 12/04/2018


We are glad to inform you that we are launching an Internet resource that will become a platform for international communication among readers of the books "Ringing Cedars of Russia"!

Please go here >  https://ringingcedars.international/

Please find me here >  NZ Swede


Ringing Cedars news

Bronwyn Llewellyn - New Zealand born. Immigrating to Sweden in October 2018. 

Historian (BA), musician, journalist, idealist, teacher, visionary, Ringing Cedars of  Russia reader, and friend to Anastasia - as we all are who are working together to co-create our new earth.

This website is under construction.

My other relevant blogs and websites:

Humanity - Take back your land. The Russian story.

Take back your Motherland - news from other places in the world.

The Motherland Project - my first website on this topic. I am reconstructing this website here.

Co-creating Our New Earth - taking down the priesthood !!

Balcony Gardening - more content coming soon


Familienlandsitz - Hungary "Terra Animam"

Published on Jul 15, 2016. This is an excerpt from the film  http://VollkommenFrei.at/  The association Terra Animam has set itself the goal to build and promote a village in Hungary, in the area of the municipality Nemessándorháza.

German villages (6).png

Each has a piece of earth to create a place where its full potential as a human, an eternal spiritual being of the universe, unfolds. Achieving the goal of a peaceful, self-powered settlement / humanity requires a clear image that is shared by many people.

See Anastasia Hungary (Magyar)

For Germany see Netzwerk Familienlandsitz-Siedlung  (Deutsche) 


Tell us about the networks you are developing around you with other readers of the "Ringing Cedars" books. We would love to hear what you are doing. It will help give other people ideas of what they can do in their own countries. All countries welcome. Focus is on Europe.

Please send me your ideas, any activities, photos and videos on the Contact form on this website.


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